Our Product

Our Product

Our smart laboratory billing product is a simple and proven way for office-based physicians to increase revenue in their practice.

Our product generates results for your practice by combining the leverage of our extensive network of physician clients with unique laboratory billing efficiencies gained from our 20 years of experience. Our solution does not impact the clinical operation of your practice; you continue to use the reference laboratory you and your patients trust. All start up costs are incurred by phytest and never passed on, so there is no cost to you. There are no additional administrative or operational burdens on your staff. And our fees have always been structured such that we are only paid if we deliver.

Our Approach

Our smart laboratory billing solution starts with your patients. We realized early in the life of our business that patient satisfaction was our most important duty. Our staff has years of experience in the healthcare industry. Many of us came to phytest from physician practices. We understand the importance of patient satisfaction.

Our patient focus impacts all aspects of our product, starting at the beginning. Phytest clients continue to use the lab their physicians trust to provide accurate and timely results – there is no change in clinical operations. The extensive phytest network enables our clients to achieve favorable rates on lab services, which may reduce their patients’ out of pocket expenses. Our clients operate as a true alliance, as each additional physician joining the network drives down costs for the entire network and their patients.

Our proprietary software tools have been developed and refined over years of lab billing experience. The methodologies not only ensure that a positive return is generated for your practice, but also that claim filing details on the lab invoice are accurate. This significantly increases our claim acceptance rate, allowing the patients to receive claim adjudication more quickly.

Once claims have been submitted, our Atlanta-based Patient Service Team is available to answer any questions regarding statements sent by insurers. Our team , which includes bilingual members, is available during standard business hours and will contact payors on behalf of patients at their request.

Finally, our Account Representatives ensure any requests from your practice are implemented quickly and accurately.

Our Guarantee

Our smart laboratory billing solution involve absolutely no out of pocket costs for you. Zero. Zilch. Nada. GUARANTEED. If you are wondering how this can be, the answer is: attention to detail. The components of our solution – years of experience, proprietary software, purchasing power – all were developed by diving further into the details of lab billing than anyone has ever been, and staying there.