About phytest

Phytest was founded on the premise that it is important to ensure that physicians’ practices are financially stable so that they can provide the best care for their patients. We work with our clients, the physicians, to ensure you receive fair and appropriate reimbursement for the services you perform in a timely manner, while also reducing the administrative burden on your staff, so that everyone in your practice can focus on what’s important…providing the best care possible to your patients.

Phytest bridges the gap between physicians, laboratories and patients by managing all aspects of the laboratory revenue cycle. The result is a WIN-WIN-WIN.

We take the financial success of our clients seriously. We are experts in managing the laboratory revenue cycle. That’s what we do…that’s ALL we do. Whether it is our dedicated Account Managers to answer your staff’s questions or our internal compliance team to ensure HIPAA guidelines are strictly followed, we do what we say we’re going to do. And, if we can’t generate a positive return for you, we don’t get paid. That’s why our phytest client retention rate exceeds 90%.

Phytest also takes seriously our responsibility to our clients’ patients. While it is the physician that hires us, it is the patient that hires the physician. Our dedicated Patient Service Team ensures that every patient with a question or concern regarding their lab statement gets a clear, thorough, accurate response. We won’t rest until we’ve answered all of your patients’ questions…GUARANTEED.

phytest Mission

To improve healthcare in the communities where we operate by helping physicians achieve financial stability in their practice by:

  • Ensuring physicians receive fair reimbursement for the lab services performed in their practice;
  • Reducing the administrative burden associated with managing the laboratory revenue cycle for physicians and their staff; and
  • Improving the profitability of physicians’ practices by managing their laboratory revenue cycle.

By doing so, we will be supporting our physician clients in their efforts to provide the best care possible to their patients.

Our Team

Our leadership and client services teams have years of experience delivering SMART LABORATORY BILLING solutions customized to each physician practice. Additionally, members of our patient services team are experts in the laboratory revenue cycle process and are always available to assist patients who may have questions about their laboratory billing statements. Please click below to contact us directly.

David Crane, Founding Partner
Wade McKenzie, Founding Partner
Bill Pappas, Chief Operating Officer
dcrane@phytest.com wmckenzie@phytest.com bpappas@phytest.com